Thursday, April 12, 2012

Super easy baked salmon

Ooohhh salmon! I cannot get enough of the stuff.

You will need:
Salmon cut into strips that are about 5 inches wide and 6-7 long, the skin still on
Lawry's Garlic & Herb Sauce/Marinade/Dressing (It really makes it what it is so I recommend getting this exact product)
Rosemary, not dried
Aluminum foil

Preheat over to 450F degrees
Make foil piece that will be able to cover the entire piece of salmon
Lay the foil down and place the salmon on top, skin side down
Pour a tiny bit of the Lawry's sauce over the salmon. When I say tiny I mean tiny, you want just enough to lightly glaze the top of the salmon.
Take the rosemary and cut/rip the chunks off the big stem and lay them on top of the salmon
Fold the foil over the salmon on one side, then fold it over from the opposite side then fold over the ends. Make sure it is wrapped good but not too intense to where you can't get it off easily when the foil gets hot.
Put the salmon in the foil "tent" on a pan and put it in the oven
Let it cook for about 10 minutes
Take it out and open it up, this is where you will need to use your own judgement because depending on how thick your strip is it may need a few more minutes. It should be a light pink color and flakey
If it's done feel free to remove all of the rosemary piece off the top if you prefer
When you go to take the salmon off the foil the skin with stick and stay on the foil so you can just slide a spatula under it and it should come off perfectly.
Transfer to a plate and and pour the Lawry's sauce over the salmon

I love to pair this with some broccoli or asparagus and rice
Enjoy! :)

Delicious tender chicken covered with BBQ sauce

I love poached chicken, I hardly cook chicken any other way. It keeps it tender and juicy....I hate dry or tough meat. This is a quick and tasty way to make BBQ chicken on the stove.

You will need:
Boneless chicken, it can be breast, tenders or any boneless chicken. Cut into 2 inch wide strips.
Chicken broth or water and bouillon
BBQ sauce
Large pot and lid

Fill a pot with a little chicken broth or water and bouillon, I cant say exactly how much because it depends on what size you need for however much chicken your making. Put about an inch of liquid, you can always add a little more if needed.
Let the broth come to boil
Put the chicken in the pot, the water should cover the bottom half of the chicken, so the top half is above water
Reduce heat to low and put the lid on an let sit for 7-8 min
Flip the chicken over and put lid back on and let sit for 7-8 more minutes
Remove chicken from broth and put it in a pan, push the chicken to the edges of the pan
Pour BBQ into the pan and over the chicken also, don't be shy dump it all over
Turn the heat on medium and let the sauce heat up but make sure to keep it moving, stir constantly
The sauce will start to bubble a bit, move the chicken to the center of the pan and stir to cover the chicken with the sauce
Continue to stir constantly while keeping the heat on medium for about 3 minutes (if the BBQ sauce you are using is not very thick than you may want to increase it to 5 minutes)

For an quick and easy dinner pair it with some veggies and mashed potatoes.